Toshidensetsu Series English Subbed

Genres: , , , Status: Completed Studio: Released: 2016 Duration: 19 min per ep Type: TV Episodes: 6 Censor: Censored Posted By: Goku Posted On: Updated On:

Toshi Densetsu Series

Do you like Lolis?

Are you a lolicon? Great!

Wait, you’re not? Then let’s change that!

Toshi Densetsu Series are all about them loli ghosts, so in every country, they are legal! How great is that!? So, if you’re not a lolicon, you can start being one from here! I myself don’t particularly like the loli-genres of hentai, but with the onslaught of incoming loli-hentais coming in the coming month, I have to start from somewhere, and so should you! You pervert!

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