Ore ga Kanojo o su Wake

Genres: , , , Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2018 Duration: 16 min per ep Type: OVA Episodes: 6 Censor: Censored Posted By: Master Roshi Posted On: Updated On:

Ryuji Oki (Oki Ryuji) had a person who I thought once.
She married Ryuji’s older brother and gave birth to a child soon.
The unrequited love distorted with time, stagnating in Ryuji.
Ryuji’s thought’s daughter, Rin Summer (Rin).
She visits Ryuji as a lodging retreat.
Aligned uprightness. Gin growing into a beauty similar to her mother.
Meat adheres well to the chest and thighs with reasonable meat,
I show a woman’s body from a sailor uniform.
Rinji that distorted desire rechallenges again in the summer of the year that leaves the emotional side of the person.
Aphrodisiacs found by chance cause his last reason to collapse

Rating 6.60


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