Branded Azel English Subbed
Branded Azel English Subbed

Branded Azel English Subbed

ニプルへイムの狩人 第1話 淫紋は妖しく輝く
Genres: , , Status: Ongoing Studio: Type: ONA Censor: Censored Posted By: Master Roshi Posted On: Updated On:

Bomb!Studio CUTE! BOMB!”announced her new work titled” Hunter of Nipple Hayem Episode 1 / Niplheim’s Hunter-Branded AZUL”

Hunter Gazelle born to fight against the insidious and terrifying demonic beast Damagehide. She was branded in her youth with the vicious emblem of demonic beings. Now she is forced to hunt down and kill them during the day, and at night to satisfy their own and their depraved needs.

The girl-hunter AZEL has finally found it and this should be the end of her long and tedious journey. She must fight and defeat the monster that left these horrible depraved emblems on her body….

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Episode Branded Azel English Subbed


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